create an xp boot disk from system files

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Create A XP Boot Disk from System Files
As a hedge against being unable to start XP, you can create a boot disk specifically for Windows XP that may allow you to boot the operating system. This can occur when the active partition boot record or other required files become corrupted.

Using Windows XP, place a blank floppy in drive A and format the disk. Navigate to the root folder of the system (in most cases this will be C:\) and copy the following files to the floppy disk.


If you can't see the files, click [Tools] and [Folder Options...] in the Menu Bar of Windows Explorer. Click the [View] tab and click the radio button next to [Show Hidden Files and Folders]. Remove the check mark next to [Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)] then click [Apply] and [OK]. The files should now be visible in Windows Explorer. If the files still cannot be copied, right click each file, click [Properties] and remove the checkmark from the Read-Only attributes. Reset whatever attributes were unchecked after the copy procedure is completed.

In addition to the files listed above, check the same directory for bootsect.dos and ntbootdd.sys files. If they are present on your system, copy them to the same floppy diskette.

The disk is used as any other boot disk, inserting it into the floppy drive (A:\) and initiating a cold boot. Make sure the BIOS is set so that the A:\ drive is first in the boot sequence.
I can do the same thing with CD-RWs, right? But then I can't just format it and copy files...hmm...the problem with my laptop is that I do not have a floppy disk drive. But then again, who needs one anymore? :D
you should be able to do the same to cd-r/cd-rw....
I like having floppies,,,,,makes life easy
but apple was/is the only pc company that totall cut out the floppy...Or so I believe...
give your floppy the highest priority on your boot order. these setting are usually found in advanced options
Smoking depends on the type of BIOS that your have....although most of them are set out and accessed basically the same...

What type of machine do you have?

To change your bios settings to boot from floppy first you would


1. Press Delete when the computer is checking the RAM.
2. Move the cursor to advance options, and press enter
3. Set the boot device that you want to be first second and third. (Do not change anything else unless you know what you are doing).
4. Press Esc to exit that menu
5. Press F10 to exit and save

There you go.
hp laptops

some hp laptops are common not to have the floppy disk opcion
but there's usb floppy drives :D
Hi microsoftne nice to meet you !
Recently made boot disk using Nero Burning ROM.
It copies all required files automatically.
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