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Well i had to move my computer away from my AC unit, so no more low temps... My Idle temps are near 90F and my load temps are near 130F as far as i can tell. So now im looking into water cooling, but a differnt setup than normal. What im thinking of doing is running the lines like normal but have them extend from the outside of my case and go all the way to my AC unit to get cold, really cold. Its about 30-40 foot to my AC unit and another 30-40 foot back.... So do you think its possible to move that much water? And how much you think it would cost for that much.....
yea i know that... maybe more than one pump rofl..... imagine all the water it would have to move in a limited ammount of time to keep it realy cold....
maybe you could try buying a few fans and plug them into the wall for additional cooling, just a thought.
You havent seen how many fans ive got on this thing have you? lol i have 2 normal room fans on it, and 7 case fans running in there lol
lol, well it's summer anyways, maybe you could try dry ice cooling, not sure how it works but i heard it's pretty good
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