Crazy Computer Driving Me Nuts Lol


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Hey I dont know if I am in the wrong place but I desperately need help with a very ANNOYING problemo I have come across. Ok so I have a number of videos from my phone(.3gp) that I filmed on the side. I need to rotate these videos! I downloaded a number of programs but none have worked. 1 program did rotate my video BUT lost the sound. NOT WHAT I WANT. I finally downloaed a video editing program that did exactly what I want and kept the sound! I was very happy until it saved in .VSP I believe and will not play on my computer!!!(Even with K-Lite or whatever that thing is called). So then I thought I have to convert these videos into .AVI but I tried everything I think and nothing excepts .VSP files!!!! I am going crazy I tried doing this all day lol. Now I am not looking for a conversion program anymore I am going back to HOW CAN I ROTATE A VIDEO AND KEEP THE SOUND? I dont want it to save as .VSP or anything like that. Please help me I would very very much appretiate it. Computers drive me crazy sometimes!!!

Oh yeah I tried windows movie maker but it STOPS WORKING on me. I would like to avoid using wmm because I think you lose video quality but also how do I fix the movie maker problem?

omg puh lease help me


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Depending on your video card, you may be able to go into your video settings and set your orientation to "Portrait" when you watch videos. Or you can just set your monitor on it's side...


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haha very funny!!! lol no i cant do that and neither can i change settings on my phone. i still cant figure it out. thanks anyway


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.VSP is a Ulead Video Studio Project file. Open them with Ulead and recode them to a different file extension.