crazy boot problem?!?! HELP

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I was going to replace a thermal paste on my new PC, which worked perfectly for last months.
i7 920 @ stock, cooled by Coolermaster V8
ASUS P6T Deluxe V2,
6GB corsair XMS3 RAM @ 1600,
nVidia GTX 275 @ stock,
PSU- corsair TX850
3 HDDs and 2 Optical drives

So I removed the mobo, then cooler, applied the new paste (MX-2). Istalled all stuff back, connected.
Turn on - NOTHING, no POST. Fans spinning (cpu too), though, and mobo has it lights on (besides blue LED under the RAM slots), but thats it. AND the case Power LED and HDD LED are both permanently on,
The video card's fan is not moving, wiredly (it usualy at max speed during the first seconds on boot), but after a minute it gets warmer.
I tried to reset the CMOS, both by jumper and removing the battery - no change
tried another video card (nvidia 6200 LE) - no change
tried to unplug everything - no change.
Also I tried to remove all (CPU too), check for scraches, or anything - all good.
Edit: one optical drive is looks "unpowered" while connected to IDE cable, if disconnected, ok.

So HELP!?, Any ideas, anyone?
Double check your connectors, if the 8-pin mobo connector isn't plugged in good it won't start up. You removed the mobo? Make sure it's not grounding out on a stand-off or the case or a loose screw. Make sure you have the PWR, Reset, etc... connectors plugged in correctly. You removed the CPU? Make sure you didn't bend any pins or get any paste or lint in the socket.
All power connections are good also the 8 pin one for cpu, no loose screws or anything benind board to short circuit it also i connected all the case connectors properly, double checked.
Yes, i removed both CPU and mobo, I checked again that all cpu pins and contacts are good, none bent. no thermal paste leak as well.
Edit: I tried to boot with no vga or no RAM at all, or both out - same effect, blank and silent, not even a beep (which would be expected).
Well, i kinda run out of ideas. So I sent the motherboard to the store for warranty RMA. They'll send it to the importer for testing and maby replace with new one.
I'll update u later how it ll turned out.
HI. I talked to the store. The ASUS replacement will arive in about a month or so. So they offered me to replace it with other Gigabyte model GA-X58A-UD5. It has SATA 3 and USB 3 stuff, looks weaker of audio. But the price on newegg for example is the same as the older ASUS of mine.

What would u recommend ??? ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 to be replaced with the new one? or go for the new Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 board?
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