Craigslist Lawsuit

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Those interested in or even in general internet website accountability might be interested in following these cases filed against Craigslist. It's been going on for a little while now but just recently it's starting to become a big deal.

It involves the Fair Housing Act and those subjects and postings subject to the FHA posted on It got REALLY interesting recently because Google Corp,, AND are identifing a defense in Craigslist's case.

They are only backing because if they lose these suits then a LOT of these companies that offer services to house free blogs, book reviews, movie reviews are in a little bit of trouble.

In Craigslist's defense, they only have 21 employess and to ask these 21 employees to monitor the 2,000,000 posts on Craigslist's site per month is crazy. So, it would require them to hire more people or figure out some alternative method of posting these listings. The other companies would be in the same boat.

In any event, it's a very interesting case and the FHA is ONLY the beginning of this. It will be something to follow for sure....thought you all may be interested.

Here are some links:

NY Times

Chicago Committee for CRL

Craigslist Release

Edit: For those reading the legal mumbojumbo that want to get to the nitty gritty goto page 5 of the suit. This is the answer to the question "why?" :)

All the stuff in the beginning is basically saying "Hi, I'm Chicago and this guy is Mr. Craigslist, Inc......and I'm going after lots of money lol"
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