CPU usage hits SKY HIGH!!! But i have a AMD 4000+ Clawham..

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Alright i've had some problems with my gaming, I play Counter-Strike Source, Quake IV, FEAR, and alot of other ****. When my rig was first set up I had no problems everything ran smooth and untouched. But as soon as I downloaded more and more my PC began to break/shutter. Here's my setup.


A8N-SLI Motherboard
AMD 4000+ Clawhammer core (was overclocked to 2.85ghz constant)
Connect 3D X800GTO unlocked to 16 pipes and overclocked to 520/540 X850 XT speeds
Maxtor 350 Gb IDE Drive
2x512 Crucial Ballistix DDR500 PC4000 RAM
Sound Blaster Xi-Fi Xtreme Music
520 Watt Aspire Blue LED PSU

......If anything else needs to be added on just tell what to post!

Alright down to the problems! When I boot up my pc and get into Windows and press crtl+alt+del and check on my performance tab, my CPU usage starts at 0% for a few seconds and then skyrockets to 60% and shows a full yellow/green bar, then it turns all red (never seen that before) and after that it stays at a constant 57%-72%. And it even hits to 100% for about 5-9 seconds sometimes and even full red bars to the top!
P.S.- By the way i'm running about 47-53 processes.

My PF Usage is fine, 316mb running constant.

*When this problem was first discovered I was playing Counter-Strike 1.6 and noticed after an hour of play or so my fps dropped from constant 100fps to 80fps and down to 60 constant. I thought it was my graphic card because i overclocked it and stuff but it's in my bros comp runnin like a champ. I switched out his card wit mine, his ram of 2 gigs wit my 1gig and even the processors, his was an AMD 3500+ 500cache, but his computer runs smoothly even though my rig is many a times better. When i tried his processor in mine it could actually stay at 0% for a few good seconds then stayed at 35-47% but still jumped to the 100% as well every now and then. My video card worked great in his, vice versa for his in mine, but still had fps droppage in my games. I swapped memory and that did nothing to affect the performance. My processor in his computer was doing terrible compared to his older model processor which usually stayed at 0-7% performance. My processor in his was around the 35%-65% and also showed up with red bars and hit the 100%.

ALSO! I have used different processor coolers, I've used a Thermaltake Volcanoe, then a standard AMD issued with my processor, and now a Gigabyte G-Power Pro. Also my 350 Gb hard drive has 2 partitions, the first is 127Gb with 67.4gb left, the second can hold 148gb but has 132 gb free.
(Drivers or software for a hard drive with anything larger than 128gb is installed!)

PLEASE help me on how to resolve this problem in a easily fashioned MANNER!!! Any tips, hints, or clues are welcome. All I want is my computer to be able to enjoy an easy CPU usage, with smooth hardcore precision gaming as it used to be.


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Im not sure how to look at which one is causing the spikes but, Im guessin that means the mem usage, well OK here we go.
CPU Mem Usage
iexplore.exe 02 22,352K
svchost.exe 63 14,640K
System Idle Process 37 28K

Wow thanks for letting me check what usin up my cpu haha, i didnt ever notice the cpu usage was listed there, i thought it was all zeros, appreciate it! Ok now what to I do with that?


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System Idle is what % of your CPU's power is sitting idle.

Then, try MSCONFIG:
MSCONFIG (when used with the RUN command) opens up the System Configuration Utility. Most of the stuff in there you don't want to mess with unless you know what you are doing or have detailed instructions.

Click the STARTUP tab. The list that it pulls up is everything that you can choose to start up when Windows does.

Why is all of this stuff in the list? Because every program designer thinks his 'creation' is so indispensible that no one could possibly want it to NOT start up with their computer (yeah, right), so they set it into the list and have it to do just that.

Once you're at the list, look it over and see what all has a check mark. Every program that does starts up when Windows loads... EVERYTIME!

If something is checked, but you don't know what it is, Google it and find out.

Once you have seen what is there, uncheck everything that you don't need or want. Keep your firewall, antivirus, broadband drivers, graphics drivers, whatever you absolutely have to have, but uncheck everythign else.

Once you are done, click APPLY, OK, then reboot.

When your computer starts up, you'll get a grey box about the System Configuration Utility. Check the box about 'Don't run on startup' then OK.

If you had a lot of stuff checked, then your comp ought to start up faster and run more stable.

Other than that, you need to clean up your hard drive, do some major defragging, and clean up your registry.

Use CCleaner, O&O (30 day free trial, but worth the money), and TweakNow.

O&O also has a free edition:

I also use RegCompact to defrag my registry:


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You have at least 63 programs running according to your taskmanager. That's why.

Keep a good computer clean dude come on now!


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You guys are right, I found that the problem is svchost.exe running in my username, not the system, when i end it, my CPU usage is back to 0% and the lowest ones possible, that fixed my problems I had, but how do I clearly clean it out, because i have to end it everytime i restart.

You guys are great and I appreciate the help. And thanx for the comment "keep a good computer clean" lol ;)
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