CPU upgrade part by part


Daemon Poster
well guys i think i can finally upgrade...and just to a semi/shabby machine but mine right now it crap loll

k here r current specs which u have seen a million times

pent. 4 1.8ghz 400mhz fsb
intel d845hb mobo
768mb (256x3) pc133 ram
eVGA 5200 128mb agp 2x/4x

now first i was thinking of getting a pny verto 6600 with 256mb and it seems it should b a solid card also wut i hear from reviews...now it will b agp but i like agp dont ask y becuz i still dont know....but my board only runs 4x...so i will upgrade the mobo later so t3h card can go twice as fast...also pny verto is a great company

now for mobo i need a mATX (to fit in case) and prolly a 512mb stick to start with and get anotehr later to top out at a gig....but i may keep my socket type to keep my processor just for a lil longer and last just get a socket 478 still but have like a 3.0ghz p4 or something...which would still play nice!

so wut do u think? also im a horrible mobo searcher....can u plz help me find a mATX mobo with socket 478...agp8x (they dont make pcix16 fo 478 lol) and just a solid board no crap like pc chips lolz...thank u very much!