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As aXmas present I am being given an AMD 2600x cpu by my son. At present have A7V333 motherboard with AMD 2200X. I need to know if and how to change the BIOS settings.
Some of my message got "lost". I need to know if and how to change the BIOS settings.
knowiing who makes your mobo.. would help.. but most likely you should be able to pop it in.. you should.. but i'm not any sure really with AMD... If it runs slower than it's suppose to.. you can Flash the mobo's firmware.
Yes, a BIOS flash from ASUS would most likely allow support for the new 2600+. Be sure to clear the BIOS after installing, and change the model of your proc to get the correct speed.

hope this helps
To GeForce: Need the speed because I do heavy mathematical work which needs the fastest CPU available.

Don't understand what is meant by an Asus BIOS flash. Is it not possible to adjust the BIOS setup on booting up?

Using XP pro with 512MB ram
Thanks. In fact I downloaded version 1014 which now resides in "My Documents" and also have Flash 6 loaded, but as a newbie haven't a clue how to go from here. The Asus Manual is as clear as ditchwater to me. Hi!. All it does is to warn me of the horrible consequences of wrongdoing - prison perhaps. I will look at the site you have given me. But it would be really much easier if I could change the multiplier or some such during Boot and Delete I find that I version 1011 currently.
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