CPU Ugrade & PSU Questions


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My current setup for my computer is

Mobo -Gigabyte Mother board AMD2 Socket
Stats found here http://www.gigabyte-usa.com/Products/Motherboard/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=2310
CPU - AMD 4200+
Ram - 4 Gigs of Adata DDR2 800
GPU - 7800Gt 256 Mb
PSU - Turbolink LC-A420ATX 12V

I want to upgrade my computer in pieces due to money not growing on trees :p. I started with my ram going from 1 gig to 4 gigs and now I want to upgrade my CPU. I want to take my CPU from a 4200+ to a 6400+ or something equal bang for buck ratio, but from what I have seen on new egg the 6400+ is the one to go with. Any other suggestions around $200 USD?

Also my 4200+ runs 1.25/1.30/1.325V and the 6400+ im looking at runs 1.35/1.4V so would my PSU be able to supply the power needed to the CPU? I know Turbolink PSUs are known for being the lowest of lows when it comes to PSUs but it came with my computer case so its the one I have been using. Would the edition of this new CPU and eventually a Nvidia 8600 or 8800 be to much of a load on my PSU and break it or cause my computer to not run? If so could somone suggest a new PSU that would be cost effective and good enough to run my new set up?

Would my existing mobo bottleneck the performance of my computer without any over clocking or would it be good enough?

Also when installing my new CPU is the process hard or could I figure it out by removing the old CPU?

Sorry if these questions are noobish but this is my first upgrade on CPUs and PSUs, iv always just bought a new computer when needed.


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yeah the psu should be enough.
I'd recommend going with a new mobo + core 2 duo cpu. Might be a little more expensive but in my opinion it's worth it. Though if you can't afford a new mobo then the 6400+ should be good.

Anyway, about installing.
It's probably the hardest thing about building a computer. But it's not that hard, you shouldn't have any problems doing it yourself. Removing the old cpu is easy and inserting the new one into the socket is easy too, it's the thermal paste you need to be carefull with. Arctic Silver has good instructions on their website.

And even if you screw up with the thermal paste it's not the end of the world, just clean the cpu and try it again. :)


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Thanks. Is the thermal paste included in the package deal do you know?

It doesn't say anything about it but i assume it would be normally?

I don't really have the money for a new mobo at the time. I could get the mobo then have to wait on the cpu :( so that would be killer. Will the existing mobo bottleneck me? I don't understand the ideal of FSB so I haven't the slightest clue if my mobo is good or outdated...

Im also kind of a die hard AMD fan boy, idk why when core 2 duos are quicker now but I still wanna get a AMD.

Kinda like being a Ford fan when Dodges exist :)


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I would suggest not using the thermal pad that comes with the CPU (its a pad not paste :p) You can get a tube of Artic silver cheap on newegg and it will allow more heat transfer :)