cpu temperature


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i have a amd athlon 64 3200+ and i changed the hypertransport link from 600mhz to 699mhz, and i was concerned about overheating i used the nvidia system utility to do this so i downloaded speedfan for the temp because to use nbprobe you need some file off it and when i opened speedfan my computer got loud and it was the fans they were both at 100% so i turned it down and unclicked automatically adjust, usually my cpu was around 32-29 celcius but with the fans on 100% it was down to 27-29 celcius. What is the maximum temperature i can get to before stuff starts to overheat, and if i left speedfan running at 100% would something happen if the cpu go to cold, and my computer is a hp a530n. with this sis sandra thing it says my computer doesnt have an automatic fan speed control and that my fans arnt working but they are. thanks