CPU temp too high!

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After changing my stock heatsink to a standard heatsink, i have abnormally high tempereatures.

After leavig my PC on for 1 hour, i restarted, went to the bios and it was Idleing at 46C which i thought was quite high.

I have now downloaded Mobomonitor. I have installed it. My Mobo is made by 'Acer' LOL. Mobo monitor supports some acer boards but not mine, so i just chose another acer board because i thought it must be similar...

I keep getting this message pop up...


It might be innacurate because i have not chosen the correct board but it still scares me.

My old Heatsink fan was 50mm. It span quite fast. My new Heat sink fan is 80mm and it spins VERY SLOW sompared to my other fan...

Im scared and dont know what to do! Shouldn't a better aftermarket heatsink be better, after all, it is made by thermale take...

Ps. i can remember before i changed Heatsinks, i installed mobomonitor and it did the exact same thing to me so maybe mobomonitor is lying?
I think it must've not been reading right, as ive set my computer to shutdown @ 60C in the BIOS.

Anyway, heres a speedfan screenshot, i cant tell what temp is which so it would be great if you could tell me which one is my CPU temp...

Im not sure what the -119C temp is but its always been like that...
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