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I just built a new system as follows

MSI k7T266 pro mobo
512 DDR ram
AMD XP 2000+
MSI GeForce4 Ti 4200
CL Audigy 2 Platinum

everything works fine except the processor is being recognized as 1.25GHz...so I go into the bios and there are 2 places to adjust things,

one thing is CPU FSB CLOCK, this is set at 100MHz and it won't allow me to change.

the other thing is CPU FSB/PCI Overclocking, this is set to hardware

I changed that second option to 133 and restarted, the bios then recognized my processor as a XP 2000+ and I thought I was golden, but then Windows started and my USB totally stopped working. I changed it back to Hardware and the USB came right back on.
Has anyone heard of this before or maybe know what the problem could be?
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