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Hi guys can I ask a bit of advise please ?

My AMD 1 gig chip is running at 100% while i'm running games like Nascar2002 and it freezes up my whole computer and I'm running XP Professional which is not supposed to freeze up (so they say )

My CPU isn't running hot as I thought it was originally it has hit 43c once or twice but mainly runs at 41c. I can run other games that the wife has on here but as soon as I go and run my Nascar2002 it freezes and loops the sound untill I hit the reset button,

I have tried the famous Microsoft Salute (3 fingers ctrl+alt+del) but that didn't even bring XP back to sort it out.

Anyhow if you can offer any suggestions i'd appreciate it

Wildman ~ Alan
Are all your Drivers current? what kind of sound card do you have? Video? have you checked the support infromation on the Nascar2002 website? Some times your system will lock up if the drivers are out of date.
I'd check for updated drivers or for a patch to that game. If it only happens in that game then there is some sort of software issue.
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