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Ok here is the deal. I built a computer with an Asus A7V333 motherboard. I have an AMD xp2100+ socket A processor. The processor can run up to 1800MHZ but is currently running at it lowest setting of 1300MHZ. Recently it has been getting hot up here in this great state of wisconsin and since i am to cheap to turn on the ac my room gets very hot from my computer. The problem i am having is that my processor gets to hot and my computer shuts off to prevent it from burning up. The cpu temp usually ranges from 136 degress F to 147 or 58-64 celcius. the motherboard is around 93 F or 34 c. It is getting to the point where i can not do anything on my computer without it shutting off. I have a copper shim thing that i got with the mb and processor as well as the standard processor fan. In the case i have one fan in the front, one mounted inside blowing from the top down and two in the back to blow the air out. I just recenlty took the side off and have a box fan blowing on the computer. this does not help since it still shuts off. So if any one has any ideas as to how to keep my cpu cooler so it does not shut off, that would be helpful. I would also like to run my computer at its full speed since that is the reason i purchased the cpu that i did.


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You could get a better heatsink for your processor and apply some arctic silver 5 (AS5) thermal compound rather than the stock stuff.


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I would recommend the Zalman 7700-CU.

It is all copper, not aluminum like the stock stuff, and it is larger. It is one of the best on the market.



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Zalman 7700Cu.

Fans big enough to push alot of air at lower RPMs. Just make sure its on the zalmans compatability list (I'm certian it is, but check).
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