cpu overheat after install video card

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hello everyone, this is my first post here and i was wondering if anyone had the same problem with this kind of processor, or maybe just the same situation in general.

i bough this tower from someone and it has:

AMD Black Edition - AMD Phenom II X4 3.2 GHz
4gb ddr3
4 fans inscluding the processor heats sink
700 wat PSU
MSI motherboard.

and when i installed my new ATI Radeon HD 5850 in it, and start playing a heavy graphics game like farcry 2. the cpu fan starts spinning very fast. over "6000 rmp" the cpu is overheating. the game gets a little choppy, and im pretty sure the video card can handle the game, so im pretty sure the problem is in the cpu.

ther is 0 dust in the case, and lost of air circulation goin on. nothing really cramped up.

any ideas what the problem is?
could the video card not be getting enough power?
any ideas?

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Exactly what temps are you getting from your CPU?

Is this the default heatsink, or a third-party one?

Try re-applying the thermal paste.
To add to what Master has already asked :

Just because there are 4 fans, does not mean they are actually helping.

How are they positioned? I see you have 3 fans (excluding the CPU fan), does that include the GPU (graphics card) fan?

What kind of monitoring software do you use, if any at all?

If you don't use any, may I suggest GPU-Z and SpeedFan. With GPUZ running, click the sensors tab, and set all of the Temperature tabs to show you "Max" readings, and check the "Continue refreshing this screen" box, and enter a demanding game. This will tell you (and us), what your GPU temperatures are like while in game.
Thanks, Black. I forgot about the fans.

Fans keep your case airflow going. 4 fans will not cool your CPU. The heatsink cools it, the fan just cools the heatsink fins.
and this is the exact case that i have

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i have 3 fans. front. back. and side.
then i have DEFUALT heatsink. and i have gpu fan.

i ran speed fan and one of the temps is 90c. winh is impossible. so it might be something in the wiring. but none of the fans have sensors. only the heat sink is connected to the MOBO.
the CPU fan speed goes over 6000rpm when in game for over 5min.
also i dont have a genuine windows 7. i will be buying one soon. you think that can be the problem?

im also playing on a 36 inch lcd tv. going out HDMI
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