CPU overclocking and nvidia problems

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i have a centrino 2 p8400 and was wondering a good software to overclock, or a source to find the easiest way to overclock my processor. it's currently at 2.26ghz, would 2.3 be fine or could i safely push it a bit more.

also, i was messing with my gpu for overclocking, and first used nvidia system tools to it. i downloaded and installed it and it integrated into the nvidia control panel fine. then my laptop had a problem starting up so i had to restore it, afterwards the performance tab was taken off my control panel, but i still had the performance available by going into local disk. so i uninstalled, re-donwloaded and tried re-installing and my whole pc froze up. this happened a few times so i gave up. then i tried opening the control panel to change resolution and my pc froze up, so i can't even go into the basic nvidia control panel without my pc crashing, anyone think of a problem causing this?
This happens to be my area of expertise. First, a word of caution, with laptops even more so than desktops, you must be extremely mindful of your computer's ability to dissipate heat, and extremely careful with your voltage thresholds, if you can change them at all, so research, research, research. If you must overclock your cpu, and if your bios doesnt support it (most OEMs do not) then it must be done through software that changes the FSB, and that's referred to as a "soft clock" (software controlled overclock). I will offer you only general guidance, as that is how I started and by far it is the only way to truly learn your individual system. SetFSB_HomePage , that is the link to the SetFSB program, but you have to find the PLL that matches your chipset. I refuse to do the work for you, as that would impede your own level of understanding and development, but here are the mobile Nvidia drivers that I used to use NVIDIA & Laptop News | Latest NVIDIA drivers and related news | laptopvideo2go.com , I would suggest the DOX optimized versions, as they are the easiest to install. Also I used to use Nvidia system tools for overclocking, and they gave me problems before I switched to the drivers at laptopvideo2go. I wish you luck, and remember to never take more than calculated risks with laptops. I used to have one of the most powerful laptops in the world (OCZ Extreme 840 DI), and one thing I loved about that one was the extra room inside for mods....(heat spreaders w/thermal tape on both the GPUs to maximize heat dissipation), and lapping the cpu(unless they are already bare or you can see a black mirror gloss with the Intel/AMD logo and chip info underneath the thermal paste)/ applying better thermal paste, coppper mods, etc. With that, I wish you well in your endeavors, chances are, you'll be reading over alot of what I, and many others have done in the mobile desktop replacement realm over the years. I've been tweaking and modding performance laptops for around seven years now.

Oh, and make sure to read thoroughly the installation procedures for the Nvidia drivers, you will need to replace an inf file with laptopvideo2go's inf file.
Only one problem with that patonb. Most laptop OEM videocards are locked to OEM certified drivers, or drivers released from the OEM website versus reference drivers from Nvidia's website.... so if your laptop is similar to 98% of them, you will receive the " The Nvidia Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit", error message after extracting, prior to installing the drivers downloaded from Nvidia's site. However, the problem that I and many others have experienced for years is the fact that OEMs usually dont update their driver version past what was originally tested and released with the notebook, unless a major bug is found. So if this is the case with the OP then he/she is advised to use the drivers provided at the link, as they are reference drivers with support added for ALL mobile Nvidia chips even with the latest driver version. A plus for L2go's drivers, is that they allow the shaders to be individually clocked, but perhaps Nvidia has changed this since I've been away.

@ Below... It's cool man, no worries. A few colleagues and I basically pioneered alot of the laptop modding scene. I'm absolutely sure that unintended effects can occur from using L2go's drivers(or any kernel level driver), but they are pretty rare. EVGA precision works on mobile chips as well eh? I usually used Rivatuner (custom database), or a few others, but I never tried EVGA Precision. As for fan control or lack there of, thats pretty common in the mobile sector. I guess it's true what they say, you learn something new everyday.
Actually, right now nvidia is at 197.13 on their mobile gpu drivers.

I do understand what you are saying though. I had used L2go drivers when i couldnt run cuda on my 9600m gt, and they were great. Side effect was I lost my HD/Bluray output via HDMI.

bUT ANYWAY, thats off topic.

I'm running drivers 195.62, on a 9600m gt and precision will overclock everything but fan...
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