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For the last couple of months, my deskptop computer has been having a lot of problems which I've discovered the reason why the problems have been occuring...well at least I hope.

Firstly, my computer started to turn itself off automatically followed by an overhearting error screen upon restarting the the computer. All I did as give the computer an hour or so to cool down. I also cleaned the inside of the computer. This was in mid 2009.

A few months later, late 2009, my power supply went down and had to be replaced. I'm wondering if this was caused by the overheating.

Between now and then, I've been getting the odd overheating errors. However, my monitor has been randomly losing signal whilst the computer is still on. Sometimes when starting up the computer, the monitor will not show any signal meaning I have to hold the power button to be able to restart the computer.

Now recently I've learnt how to look at the temperature of the CPU and MB and discovered that the CPU was running at 100 c in the BIOS.

What do I do to stop my computer running at such high tempatures? When I hover my hand over the driver, it's cool. I'm no expert on computer hardware.
CPU fan? I'm guessing their are specific fans for different parts of the driver. Judging by the noise the driver is making and the air coming out of the holes...I believe the fans are working.
Take the side panel off of the PC so you can see the working components. Turn the PC on and look and see if the cpu fan is spinning.

Using the picture below as a reference, I've circled the cpu's fan (and heatsink) in red. Your fan and heatsink may look different but it should be simular and located in the same place.
The fan is working as far as I can see. However, the graphics/video card is very hot...especially when the computer was only switched on for less than a minute. I felt the other areas of the computer and as far as I could tell the temperatures were cool.

What do I need to do next?
As you can see, the CPU and AUX temperatures are extremely high.


Is this the reason why my monitor also keeps losing signal whilst attempting to start off the computer? And randomly loses signal when playing games?
Yes, I'm positive your temperatures are causing your problems. Is the inside of your PC clean, or is it full of dust? Clean it out with compressed air, vacumn cleaners are very bad.

You probably need to replace the thermal paste on your cpu heatsink and the video card.

Exactly what kind of a PC is this? Can you list the spec's or if it's a Brand name PC (HP,Dell,etc...) can you list the model#.
I've already used compressed air to clean the inside of the computer.

What is thermap paste and what is it used for. And how do you apply it?

The model is Packard Bell.
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