"CPU is unworkable or has been changed"

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After some previous problems with my old system I installed all my new components.

On boot I hear two short beeps (Bios is Phoenix/Award) and I recieved an error stating "CPU is unworkable or has changed."

Trying to boot in safe mode doesn't work; the screen gets spammed with some multidisk/partition junk and then restarts, bringing me back to the boot menu.

New components are as follows:
A-Bit GD8 Pro LGA775 Mobo
Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT 512Mb
2G DDR2 PC2 4200 533Mhz Ram
P4 3.6Mhz 560j 800Mhz

Any help would be appreciated.


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wel did you try reseting the BIOS?. Unplug the power and the battery on the motherboard, well take that out and wait for 30 seconds. put the battery back in and see if it fixed the problem


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is it bios or windows that gives u the error message?
U probably have changed the mobo so u need to reinstall windows. This is probably the reason why windows isn't booting up, but this doesn't explain the beep codes.

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The "CPU is unworkable or has changed." is easy enough to settle. Just go into the BIOS and check the CPU settings to make sure they are correct for that processor.

If you installed a HDD with Windows XP already installed, you will need to do a repair of the OS to get it to work properly with the new motherboard. You will not lose any of your files or programs if you follow these steps:

1. Boot the computer using the XP CD. You will need to change the boot order in the system BIOS so the CD boots before the hard drive.

2. When you see the "Welcome To Setup" screen, you will see the options below

This portion of the Setup program prepares Microsoft
Windows XP to run on your computer:

To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER.

To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R.

To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3.

3. Press Enter to start the Windows Setup.

To setup Windows XP now and Repair Install , press ENTER. do not choose "To repair a Windows XP installation using the Recovery Console, press R", (you Do Not want to load Recovery Console). I repeat, do not choose "To repair a Windows XP installation using the Recovery Console, press R".

4. Accept the License Agreement and Windows will search for existing Windows installations.

5. Select the XP installation you want to repair from the list and press R to start the repair. If Repair is not one of the options, END setup.

6. Setup will copy the necessary files to the hard drive and reboot. Do not press any key to boot from CD when the message appears. Setup will continue as if it were doing a clean install, but your applications and settings will remain intact.