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Dear anyone who may be able to help me:

Please help me! After about two weeks of usage, my new system has started acting up. I noticed about two days ago that my CPU fan heatsink speed increases gradually from system startup. I recorded the history a couple of times for interest's sake, and here are some values.

At startup:
2556 RPM

After 1 minute:
2721 RPM

After 3 min:
2743 RPM

After 5 min:
2812 RPM

After 10 min:
2934 RPM

After 20 min:
3125 RPM

Right now, it has been approximately half an hour since system startup, and the fan speed is around 3245 RPM (and rising). My worry stems from the fact that the heatsink's specified speeds range from about 2500 RPM to 3400 RPM; when the fanspeed reaches 3400, I get a warning beep. The heatsink worked fine until about two days ago, when I started noticing this problem. Some additional info:
heatsink = standard Intel heatsink that came in the CPU retail box
ASUS P5GD1 motherboard; Q-fan is DISabled
ambient temperature = approx. 26-27C
What worries me even more is that the entire time, the system is essentially at idle (approx. 1% cpu usage at the most) and the temperature and voltage monitors tell me that all values have remained approximately the same since startup (my Prescott idles at around 46-48C).

What might be the problem here? I have already decided to replace the stock heatsink with a more performance-oriented one (any suggestions for that would also be helpful), but I'm worried I might run into the same problem. Why does the fanspeed increase linearly with time when the system isn't doing anything, and ambient temperatures remain constant?

Needless to say, this puzzles me a great deal, and none of my friends or colleagues know what to say.

Most anxiously awaiting some enlightenment,



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Well, the rising speed is only gonna keep ur system cooler! But if it's an issue you can buy a fan controller.
Calamity said:
when the fanspeed reaches 3400, I get a warning beep.

Dude, ease off the gas, you're over revving the engine.

But seriously, do you know why you get this warning beep? What's it warning you about?

many people got a cpu cooling with thermal sensor, like me. when i turn on my puter, the cpu temp and the fan rpm rise until it reaches it's idling temp. this takes maybe like 10 minutes (at my current settings). but definitely not 20.


When you turn on a computer, it normally heats up over time. For a Prescott, 46-48C is a good temperature.

You're warning beep is probably from ASUSProbe. You can adjust the warning level so that it doesnt beep at you when the fan speeds up.

Dont worry about it.
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