Cpu Compatible?


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On my computer, my mobo is Nvidia GeForce 6150 SE . I know it sucks. I dont plan on Xfireing my card. But what I wanted to know is if it is CPU upgradable. It is stock that came with my A6700f. Right now it is a Phenom X4 9150e(1.8GHz) Can I upgrade the cpu higher? If so can you tell me a few options? I dont have the money atm to buy a mobo and cpu.


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As far as i can tell you can upgrade as far as the amd pheonom II x4 920.. I use that cpu and love it! After that you go into am3 socket, which your motherboard can not handle. Just make sure the motherboard can actually run that cpu. You might be able to get a bios update if it doesn't, but being an oem i highly doubt it. Wish i could help you farther but i can only give you a good cpu for that socket.