counterstrike :)

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yeah this is my game of choice but i have a few questions.
in openGL mode it does not support 1280x1024 it only does 1280/960 but when in select that i dunno if my monitor know what to do with 1280x960 in 3D and the excess on the right hand side of the screen. now my monitor doesnt do 1600 res at all so is there any way to get 1280x1024 out of teh half-life engine or am i stuck at 1024x768 until i can get a new monitor. would changing teh refresh rate help any? i dont know how to set it on games just in win2k pro (which is what i am using). i heard a little bit ago about a program that can lock rates and resolutions in 3d games could that work for me?? thanks in advance.
dammit i suck at postinmg in teh right forum; i should take more time but im at work sorry guys hope its not a huge hassle to move it...
what video card are you using? I would get the latest drivers for your video car AND for your monitor (yes some of them have drivers)

If you do this and still can not get the resolution you want, then you will have to upgrade one or the other.
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