Countering a Smear Campaign


This is sparta!
A friend of mine was young and stupid at one point in her college career crossed a few people who have an anti-social personality disorder. That is, they really don't back down when it comes to fighting like a girl. Fortunately, they aren't as technologically savvy. They have some indirect SEO skills. This causes the girl who is a friend of mine to have a bad reputation with a simple search of

I have a few questions.

I was thinking of possibly launching a counter attack when they are most vulnerable. During Christmas. I am a bit worried about what kind of lawsuit they can spring against me.

They had launched a smear campaign against me and it's seen as invalid by both the lawyers and even the police said that everything they did is not criminal activity. I have no way out since it's linked towards the religious beliefs. In the event that they are "saving my soul" because apparently the things I've done is such a sinful nature.

If I also attack them with the intent of saving their soul. Such that gossiping and bearing false witness in relation to Christmas is also a sin. I think it's only fair since my lawyers won't count is as defamation. At the same time, they've done a huge damage.

Help my fellow techies.
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