Counter Strike: Source FPS problem

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Hello guys,
I've been playing CSS again and I've noticed my FPS is terrible and its giving me graphic lag. I've tried everything from Overclocking to lowering my graphic settings.

Nothing seems to work; when I'm in a server my FPS is around 10 - 60 and its really bad especially when I start firing.

I'm guessing it maybe to do with the RAM i have or maybe the processor?

I never used to get this problem on XP but I seem to be getting it on Vista (bare in mind, my computer was built for XP).

Here are my computer's specs.

AMD Athlon 4800+ Dualcore 64bit
GeForce 7800 GT 256mb + 256mb SLI card
4096mb RAM
Windows Vista Ultimate

I can't seem to work out whats going on, so I thought you guys would have a clearer idea because I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to computers.
Did it start happening all of a sudden? Or after an installation of some sort?
Well its since I've installed it on my Vista operating system.

I had higher FPS with my XP operating system.
Have you installed all the drivers for the machine? Motherboard and all?
A hit to FPS is expected when upgrading to newer operating system. Not sure about the video cards.. the game is pretty old.
I play 1.6 had it stuck on 60 fps. Have you taken off v-sync from ur graphic card software? (This in 1.6 has to be done to get a 99-100 fps) Also check in game console (not sure about source) your "fps_max 101" is 101 or 100.
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