Counter Strike Sniper Crosshair

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Have any of the counter strike fans out there try to go out there with a sniper and hate it because there is no crosshair to it unless u zoom. Best thing to do when u have a sniper is to get a marker, and in the middle of the monitor, where usually the crossahair comes, put a dot. Then go out to battle. Dont zoom in with the sniper rifle, and it will all be goood.

Tip: Crouch and wait a second before u shoot, then only will hit where u put the dot or cross or whatever. And also dont shoot while moving. One hit, one kill.

(And people will also think u are cheating, I got banned from several sites)
Never once had that crosshair problem while sniping. Probably because you never really need to unless your zoomed. ;) It's pretty hard to take someone out close-range with an AWP. Also, crouching while you snipe usually makes you an easier target. I find its best to strafe in/out while delivering bullets.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a CAL match to attend to. :)
yeah, I am not sniper player in cs either, just heard the trick from someone else.
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