Counter strike 1.6 doesn't work

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just downloaded steam which then installs counter strike 1.6 and whenever i try to start up counter strike it makes my screen flicker really fast. Does anyone know how to fix this.:confused:
Steam was suspended from what I understand. I have it and can run 1.6 fine, but it seems that a majority of people can't. I will look for the site where I read this and repost when I find it.
Yeah i have 1.6 also and i can run it fine with no problems. I find that the beta does lag there. mostly due to the fact that most of the servers out there are not dedicated ones. Back in the day all we used to get was beta versions of teh game ty mainstream for buffing up the game of cs.

Mouse trouble?

I have the same. Although it seems the flickering is my player rotating very fast. My mouse seems to operate as a joystick.

I can not figure out how to solve it yet... I tried the mouse options.

Does anyone have an idea?

Greetz Robert-Reinder
I cant run any version of CS on my computer but when I go to my friends house it works fine and he even has a slower computer, I have a Dell Optiplex 1.7 with Windows 2000
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