Corsair 800D Obsidian Fan Questions

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Hello all,

I'm going to replace my CM690 with a Corsair 800D soon and want to order new fans but I'm not sure what ones to buy. What size ones to be exact.

The official site says there is room for 3x 140mm fans and 4x 120mm fans. Does this make a total of 7 fans or do some fan mounts allow either a 140 or 120? Take the CM690 for example, the top fan mounts take either a 120 or 140.

Can someone tell me what the maximum fan size allowed for each fan mount is? I want each fan slot to have the largest fan possible :big_smile:
I did some more Googling and finally found some usefull info, heres what i've found sofar:

Fan next to HDD bay is 140 and another 140 can be mounted below that. Fan on the PSU/MOBO area seperator is 140 aswell.

Top 3 fan mounts only allow 120s.

Not sure about the fan mount on the back side but probably 120? If so, the specifications on the official site seem right sofar but what about the bottom, from the pictures i've found it seems like there are no holes to mount a fan, can someone confirm this?

The rear fan can be either 120mm or 140mm

And yeah I don't think there are holes for a fan at the bottom
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