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My friend has a new toshiba Celeron M laptop that she bought 4 months ago; but since then the iexplorer.exe file has become corrupt due to a 'buffer overrun process' that itself had previously become corrupt.

All she has is a recovery CD; no initial CD to to give a fresh reinstallation of her OS XP SP2. Iexplorer.exe CAN work in safemode, but the CD refuses to run in that mode-obviously.

Being a brand new model and so 'protecting' itself, it wont allow any other OS CD from another computer to run on it. And my own copy of Win XP Pro to at least help her out wont load up after a restart.

We sent it in to the factory to get formated, but i dont think they even touched it or did much, as the problem is still there. Could the CD be at fault? What else can we do?

I really need advice on this 1!


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Iexplore.exe is located at c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Iexplore.exe. Be sure that whoever sends you a copy of iexplore.exe that it is exactly the same version as the one you have - whether or not you have Service Pack 2 installed will make a difference.


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make sure the person that you get it off has sp2 (i presume you have sp2?)
and when youve got internet explorer running download firefox... its a much better browser than IE...

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haha, yeah firefox is great... and i was just giving you a heads up about the sig :D... glad you changed it :D

firefox beats IE at everything... security especially...
To do this properly get a proper copy of windows xp. Now copy this to the same folder and i should be fine. If you dont want ie explorer remove the enteries in the rgistry (I have done it takes ages but effective). But beware of the registry can fuck up your whole computer if you do something you dont know what your doing