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Ever worry about someone using your work?

Not sure if you can use someone else's image?

Is web content public domain, the net an open territory content free for all?

What is copyrighted?

"Your" content the moment it is written or created. This is the words you write, images and any other item that you create yourself including how you display them. What you did not create yourself, you cannot claim copyright to.

If you are taking content without permission, you are risking your reputation, web site, ISP(internet Service Provider), being fined and or imprisoned. So just ask to use it. Most of the time people are happy to share their work for a credit or ownership link, like used with permission... etc. If you don't get a reply after asking give a buddy link back anyway to where content or image came from; just giving credit where credit is due should suffice. Most folks are very happy to see their work appreciated and linked to!

I read some of the above here- - this is an excellent firsthand account of copyright infringement & stealing, also links for getting your work copyrighted, your site protected and what to do if you are infringed upon.


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Argh! Thank you for the link!

I've been sorting a lot of links and it really gives me a headache!

I wish there's a software that can easily personalize my links into different categories.
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