Copying cd to drive???


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Im sorry if i have posted this twice by the way.
Ok i know this is probably illegal, but there is worse things i could be doing :) Me and my friend want to network our pc's so we can play against each other. But we only have the one disc, so i wanted to copy the disk onto my hard drive so i could play it from there, and he could play it from cd. IS this possible? If so how would i go about it? If not, is there another way of solving this problem...apart from buying another game, or downloading it?

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Have you tried doing something I know works, and just burn a copy of the CD, so you have one and your mate has another? That would seem to be the easiest and most logical way to do it, if you ask me. :)


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Disks cost money?... You can buy a cheap 50 disk recordable set for a few quid :p

You may find the CD game won't play from the hard drive.
Alot won't unless you make a complete copy using special copying software which will more than likely cost you money anyhow.

This is a dodgy subject though. So i don't exactly know what to do about it.