Coordless mouse & keyboard gaming problems

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I'm currently using a Logitech coordless laser mouse and keyboard setup. My problem is, whenever I play games online mainly half-life, my keyboard and/or mouse freeze up on my for a few seconds during gameplay. This ussually occurs when I'm in a room with multiple characters, but not always. This is extremely annoying, because it often times insures my death . Has anybody else experienced this? This is not a internet lag issue, as i'm running on a cable connection and I've had this problem occur with a ping as low as 20.

Here's my current setup:
Windows XP SP1.
Logitech Coordless laser mouse and keyboard with newest drivers.
Athlon XP 1700+
256MB DDR ram
Yep, I used to have the same problem and I could never figure it out either. I went back to a wired keyboard, since I didn't really have a need for a wireless keyboard. The mouse was a different story, I needed a wireless mouse and I found one that is flawless (IMO). The Logitech MX700. It's the best mouse I have ever used and it has never ever EVER skipped or lagged or anything while playing a game. (Mostly Counter-Strike and HL) It cost me $90 when I bought it and they are down to about $79 at bestbuy.
Thanks for the reply Guy. I'm hoping to get this setup working because it's not that old and it cost me $80. I can't justify a $79 mouse untill I replace my video card and get more memory for my system.
Heh, it's definetely not the batteries, I change them often. It has never happened during offline game play, it's only online and most frequently when i'm in a room with multiple people.
I'm pretty sure it's a problem pertaining to the mouse and keyboard. I say this because I used to play online FPS games online all the time when I was using a wired mouse and keyboard and I never ran into this problem.
More input

I have the exact same problem. I have tried BIOS settings, reinstalling drivers, copying half-life to a diff partition, tracking down my services, real time fine tuning lag or choke w/ native rate, cl_updaterate, and cl_cmdrate w/ netgraph 3, CURSING LOUDLY and even new batteries! heh. I can play for hours without a problem, or sometimes I can play for 5 mins and have the problem. For me, I haven't noticed a propensity for it to lock up w/ lots of activity/action going on...but perhaps there is something to having the vertical sync being off and the mouse trying to update to changing frames? Anyway, I would love to hear a fix for this. I have had trouble searching for a fix, since the sheer number of geforce nvidia problems to wade through.

I recently installed the halo theme (nothing to do with the problem) and found that one of the default XP system sounds isn't very audible or set up because I get a lot of soft "bonks" when XP is doing stuff in the background with the halo sound scheme loaded. Most noticable when 1st entering windows...bonk bonk bonk bonkity bonk bonk..idle. Perhaps the focus is briefly being taken to another app at the desktop?

Anyway--the point is that before my logitech duo elite pro keyboard/mouse locks up and I strafe into a wall(usually after buying an awp etc), I hear a double "bonk" sound...and my system locks/reboots. I have used the switches to prevent the windows mouse accell properties( -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel), and the latest "patch aplet" from logitech to help with mousing with games. No affect.

I have sucessfully kept it from doing too much harm on several occasions by running in -win 1154 mode so I can cntl-esc/alt tab and am at the desktop(desk at 1280). (the -win mode is actually pretty cool, same FPS and you don't have to 'loud click/force a new video mode" on your monitor.

Right now, as you do, I have only experienced this problem in Half-Life playing online, and am currently tyring D3D mode instead of opengl to see if that has anything to do with it...4 hours with no problems...heh. The bummer is that half-life counterstrike is the only place I have this problem, other than that no complaints for the logitech equip.

My 2c + input. Please post a fix if ya know! --other than using a non-wireless alternative. :)

MSI 6380 E Ultra ARU
512Meg 266 RAM
Geforce 4200 Ti
XP pro SP1
Duo Elite Pro Key/mouse
Nvidia drivers 44.03:p
Chalk, do both your keyboard and mouse lock up? For instance, are you ever in the middle of shooting and then you can't aim because your mouse briefly freezes? I'm just curious. I will keep on looking for solutions, I think i'm going to call logitech tomorow and see if they can offer any advice.

Yah, I can't be certain though--sometimes it acts like I just am too far away or my batteries are low, but yah. There are times where it is as you describe...I end up shaking my mouse and thinking "oh shit" here we go...and it either locks up or it recovers but the way it acts when the batteris are low is different. When I really lock up, I lose both mouse and keyboard.

But sometimes when I lose the mouse for just a sec, I'm not sure if the keyboard was lost as well since it was for a brief time... hope it helps and I'll post anything I find out here. Good luck.


BTW Direct3d mode hasn't locked me up, but only been using it for a little while, and while running at good FPS its not as good as opengl

One more thing, the MX700 that Guy is talking about has a muich better refresh than our bundled mice. I wish they packaged the MX700 w/ my keyboard...rechargable cradle etc. Anyway since ours doesn't have the "mouse" refresh that normal mice (hear old school ps/2 actually has the highest atttainable refresh, not the optical usb)there could be something to it not being able to keep up? heh, anyway...
hi there!
that fix doesnt actually work for me.
but i think i found a solution
is there still anyone intrested in?
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