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So, last night, as an early Xmas present to myself I bought and installed a new ASUS hd 7850 2gb video card video rendering beast. It's putting out quite a lot of heat, even when idle and my CPU's stock heatsink isn't quite able to keep up, it's idling at 55c instead of 35, and under load, it heats up to 100c. I know I need a new heat sink, but what do I choose? Air or liquid? Which will be most effective at removing heat, yet still remain quiet? Oh and fit into a mid tower case?


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I've got a 110 cfm 200mm side fan, 3 75cfm 120mm fans and a 50cfm 80mm fan, I've got no other place to put fans in my case. Maybe it's the direction I have them blowing. Or that in combination with the fact that my case looks like a rats nest without cable management.

I actually went out an picked up a corsair h80. So I'll let you know if that helps at all after I put it later, or tomorrow if I'm feeling too lazy to pull everything out tonight.


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Dude! No self respecting rat would live in that. :lol: Just messing with you.
But you could seriously do with some cable straps and a little time. Looks like you got the front intake blocked. And with that hotrod vid card you need to have good airflow.
Air should come in the front and go out the back.


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So i got off my butt and installed the thing, works great, i'm not even hitting 30c when idle and only got it up to 42 playing the latest need for speed on highest settings for a half hour. I had to lose my 200mm fan since it wouldn't fit with the new rad in the way, so my graphics card may be getting warmer. I'm looking at moding my case so i can at least squeeze a 120mm fan in to cool the GPU.
The h80's directions said to use the fans as intakes on the case/rad, is it okay to turn my top front fan around and use it as exhaust?

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Here's a photo of my rat's nest.
Thats a nice ... er mess :D cable management will help to improve air flow (and look nice), most case fan configurations are basically (in lower front - out top back) but there are many variations so experiment to find the best for your system :)