CoolerMaster 3M Fan/Volt/Temp Controller for computer


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thats the pic

come on people i sold everything else just need to sell this also got the money for the swap lol....

it goes in the 5.25 bay like a cdrw would, plugs into psu and comes with all cords i bought it with

3 glass screens with temp readers, volt readers and fan controller speed reader

light up blue and looks sick is pretty much any case Ive put it in so far...ill sell it for 35 bucks free shipping 4 day ship to anywhere

come on i know this board got some hardcore gamers with some modded systems, u know u should jump on this

its in perfect condition 100% but the sebring needs the swap and a swap costs money so lets gooo!!! lol thanks everyone

paypal or check in the mail would be fine

aim is x800venom
email is
or PM me