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Hey, Does any one know of Cool Spot? He was the Virgin Mascot before that weird guy over took him. Anyhow, he appeared in some Segamegadrive/Snes games and I quite liked them

Since then, I've been trying to model Cool Spot on my 3D program and have gotten some good results, yet, I want to make him sort of newer in look, in terms of accessories he has, etc.

To help me out, could someone who is good at designing and know the character help with design work possibly of the character? Like what his shoes look like etc.

I'm also not very good with coming up with short film/film storylines, and I'm more a technical guy, and can do all that stuff, rather than the more Creative stuff.

If anyone can help with anything like that, thanks :) and whatever I make, your name will go down.

I don't think doing this is an infringement on copyright, etc. Alot of people make fan movies, etc from games, so don't think its a problem. I'm just a fan that would like to take use of the resources rather than come up with my own thing which I find difficult :p :(

Any other ideas for any short film, comedy for example is welcome, yet I cna't do it all on my own :)


One short movie with Cool Spot in I made, was just a 3D version of the start sequence on CoolSpot goes to Hollywood, where hes chucking a hammer up in the air and it drops on his foot.

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Yes, I had the cool spot game on the megadrive, it was soo good!

I'll have a look see if I can get hold of the rom somewhere to still play it (Thats legal because I have a full copy of the game and console inc license)


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I have it on Megadrive too, and on ROM. Its an amazing game yes.
I just want to make a 3D type film, or Short films :( I've tried, but can't come up with anything good. I have like 10 pages of designs, etc of a film I could make, about him collecting different coloured type keys to do something, yet how to get them, and what hapens after, and how it starts made me not be able to get anywhere :p


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lol when i saw the Picture it said VIgin downt he bottom i took that the wrong way..

well i thought it meant..well u know. :p lol