Cool n Quiet with Asus A8N-E / AMD Venice does not work

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Hi there

I built a computer consisting of an ASUS mainboard A8N-E and an AMD Athlon 64 Venice 3000+ (939 socket).
But I can't get the Cool n Quiet function running. The processor runs all the time at 1800 MHz. I checked it with various programs (like CPU-Z, etc.).
I have Win XP (32 bit version), SP2 and all latest patches installed.
What I did:
- enabled Cool n Quiet in BIOS
- updated the BIOS to the latest (final) version 1004
- installed the Cool n Quiet driver first from CD, because it did not work then from,00.html
- set the Power Schemes to Minimal Power Management

=> The processor runs all the time at 1800 MHz, even if it's basically idle.

What the heck is wrong?
Anybody any idea?



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"Cool & Quiet slows down the processor when it runs too hot."

- are you sure about that? I thought C&Q kicks in when the processor LOAD is LOW!!???


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When you are on low cpu required tasks, it will lower the multiplier to something like 5/6.

I wouldn't use it, well I don't use it, I like full power all the time, as the CPU usage does go high when opening and closing programs.


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In the power schemes there should be a Cool n quiet selection.
I saw some documentation on it somewhere online but I cant back that up.
Try reinstalling the CD again, maybe you forgot something?


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Thanks for the link to!
I have actually already seen it before.

I cannot find the "ACPI 2.0 Support" in the BIOS settings of my A8N-E mainboard.
However I have enabled the Cool&Quiet feature and followed all the described steps.
When I start finally the Cool&Quiet program (which is only an indicator and has nothing to do with the actual activation of C&Q, right?) then it shows all the time 1800 MHz!!
:( :(

The actual Cool&Quiet selection in the Power Schemes exists only for Windows 98 & ME. See in! But thanks anyway!

I have been able to lower the CPU speed with an extra program called "CrystalCPUId": The CPU speed & voltage obviously changed depending on different loads.

I do not want to start each time after a reboot this program. Putting it in autostart is not a good idea, because it opens up a windows and then I first have to activate the "Multiplier Management", minimize the windows and finally I have to reduce it to a simple task (running in the lower right corner next to the clock).

=> Obviously a Windows service should normally take care about the Cool&Quiet management!? During the installation of the C&Q driver from CD it says that the speed is adjusted as often as 30 times per second!!
This adjustment is obviously done via SOFTWARE (not a special circuit somewhere on the mainboard or processor).

=> Therefore my question: WHICH WINDOWS SERVICE TAKES CARE ABOUT THE COOL&QUIET MANAGEMENT?? Maybe I should just start this service?

I have also installed the program XP Antispy. Currently the Windows Update does not work either anymore. I tried to enable the Windows Update Service via XP Antispy, but I was not successful.

Maybe my Windows version is somehow defective or XP Antispy messed it up???

If possible I would rather not want to re-install Windows! ;-)

Thank you guys for any help!


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I didn't think that any windows "service" or program handled cool n quiet. From what I understand, it's a bios thing.

I never had this issue though... I just went into bios and selected "Cool n Quiet" and I saw the results right after I rebooted.


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Now it's ok!

Hi all

I re-installed Windows XP. C&Q works fine now! :bald:
I do not know if Windows was just messed up or it's because I initially activated the C&Q feature in the BIOS only after the installation of Windows. This time the feature has been activated before Windows installation.

I am happy.
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