Cool Edit Pro (W98se) error: kernel32.dll

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I run 2 separate cpu's in my home studio. The first is an Athlon which runs WME, which I use for internet, photo editing & everthing except digital multi-track recording (that's what I use the second cpu for). This Athlon runs like a smooth oiled machine. The second cpu is a Pentium3 (800mhz) running W98se. I've recently been tweaking it as a digital multi-track recording station. I've been running Cool Edit Pro 1.0 with some success for the past 6 months (occasional crashes, but tolerable). It has not run as smoothly as I would like, so I have been seeking the advice of digital audio guru's, in order to tweak the cpu to run more smoothly. Some of these tweaks called for removing Internet Explorer with 98lite tools, among disabling many unneccessary startup programs, etc. After all this tweaking I was still able to run Cool Edit Pro 1.0 without too many problems (ie. it still crashes during recording more than I would like, but it runs, nontheless). The major problem has occured, as a result of upgrading to Cool Edit Pro 2.0. I first installed it on the Athlon cpu (to make sure it would run). No problems there. Then I installed it on the Pentium3.

When I run the program it gives me an error message in the startup. (kernel32.dll caused an error in register.........). Now I figured that, perhaps, in all my tweaking I disabled some important aspects of the operating system, so I attempted to reinstall W98se. It gives me a Mmtask error (something to do with Rundll), upon trying to install W98se. Now I feel hopeless. Can some all-knowing guru, out there, provide me with the divine enlightenment that could allow me to record my creative music, without technical error or crashing, and ultimately deliver me unto the plain of nirvana?

I am using cooledit pro v1.0 and now v2.0 for the past 4 years and never got a problem.

Still give me the full system configuration and i will find a solution.

Also I feel Chopper is right and i prefer win2000 or winxp, not Win NT
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