converts cds albums to mp3s often? read me!

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A little piggy I've seen on a tech show.

How do you convert your MP3s? I recommend Music Match Juke Box or AudioGrabber, but that's aint the issue.
When converting a cd to mp3 you have to name each individual song and enter in the ID3 tag information by hand. But thanks to this program, you'll never again have to manually enter another MP3 file name or ID3 tag.

PsychicMP3 uses FreeDB to look up track and ID3 information. Simply select the proper folder and click the Query button. The program will then offer a list of possible albums (it nails it almost every time). Once you pick the right album it'll display the new file names. Click the Rename Files button and PsychicMP3 will automatically rename every file in the folder. It's that easy.

So do yourself a favor: download PsychicMP3, stop manually entering track titles, and give your carpal tunnel a break. If you already use a file renaming program, get rid of it. I doubt it's in the same ballpark as PsychicMP3.

enjoy it while you can, enjoyed me very much. help yourself.
DOWNLOAD HERE , cheers..

note: the download didn't work for me with DAP, so you might need to use the iexplorer browser this time (only 499Kb, don't worry).

comments, please.
Nice link! Ive been looking for a good way to do that!
Fear not PC users of the world!
Apple has made it public that they will be releasing a version of iTunes for Windows. This program allows you to rip mp3's and new version 4.0 allows you to sign up for the new Music Store. iTunes keeps all of you music in neat, and organized libraries and playlists. The Windows version of iTunes will also communicate better with iPod than MusicMatch Jukebox.
check it out at
MP3's will be around forever. The new formats can be restricted with DRM encoding. So you'll have the file on your PC, but won't be able to move it anywhere else. You can't do that with MP3's. It's truly a free format. If I make a backup of a CD, I want to listen to it where ever the hell I want.

So follow the path, then in 2 years when your stuck listening to everything on your PC and can't burn it, I'll be laughing because I stuck with MP3.
i have both realplayer and musicmatch.
both players look up the information for the cd via the internet .
it does not matter if it is the free player or you paid for them.

I find CD-ex to be effective in 'backing up' audio CDs onto my computer in MP3 format.
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