converting OE pics to jpg


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Two problems if anyone can help

1 Someone recently sent me email with some photos. I got a message with it that OE had removed the attachments and the photos appeared below text in email itself. These are very large so I want to reduce the size. I use HP scanner and image software which could do this but can find no way to convert the ems image to a picture ( eg jpg ) format.

2 I often clean up temp files etc. I have always done this by emptying temp folder in windows. Recently however windows ( 98SE ) has stopped putting the temp files in the temp folder instead putting them all at the start of the individual files in the windows folder itself. Anyone know why ??


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In answer to question one: all I do is right mouse click and select save as, then put what ever descriptive name suits the pic.

In answer to question two: I have not used 98 since 2000. In XP you would click on My Computer / right mouse click on the C drive and select Properties / Disk Clean Up. After it done it's thing put a tick in what ever you want to delete...