converting a cable to vga connection


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i have a Mitsubishi TFT car color display DU-W700Z that i want to use as a small vga monitor

it came with a cable that plugs into the back of display with the other end cut off.

i would like to convert this other end to a vga connection and would like some help.

i have found a site that explains what the little wires in the cable are but would like some help interpreting

here is what it says

"Yes, exactly. I also looked at the signals at 22 pin connector while the navigation. Here are my assumptions, the 1,12-earth 2-bus digital 3-TV-0-inc, +3 V - off 4-SI (+3 V line, +5 V frame) 5,6,7-RGB 9,10-earth sound 11 22 +12 V from the telly 15-way 16-IR navigation inc. +5 V, off 0v 19,20,21-sound input 8, 13,14,17,18 - I do not know but twitch with a frequency of 2nd leg amplitude of 0,5 V . Can vsetaki can be submitted by 16 feet +5, RGB, and sync through the shaper desired frequency with VGA connector?"

from this page

btw the display i am guessing will need and external power source