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1) If i was to buy a 360 or ps3 controller for my laptop, could i just plug it in and have preset controls? or will i have to do configure myself?
2) Which is better. Ps3 or 360.

Also, I feel like a nerd since i game on pc, and my friends game on ps3 and xbox 360. I don't know what the difference is. The games are basically the same. It also sucks because i sold my console so there isn't anything to do when my friends come over :(
But i thought of something. If i got a cable to connect my laptop to my tv, could i just use two controllers to play split screen and multiplayer and crap on the tv? Then it would basically be like a console. Do pc games even support split screen? Thanks!
PS3 controllers don't work for PC's unless you hack them, and then they dont work properlly anyway.

360 controller for windows is great, it's supported in most decent games that can benefit from it these days with no configuration at all. For example, plug it in and fire up GTA4, or more recenetly Just Cause 2 and they both fully support it, even changing the menu buttons to represent A, X, B and Y.
Okay thanks, and how about knock offs? Those gamepads that are made for pc. WIll those have preset controls too?
And if you know any split screen pc games, please list them. I know of L4d and l4d2.
Okay, I think i will be getting two Xbox controllers, although i reaaaaaaaalllllyyyyyyy want to just get those "ps2" for $10 on eBay instead of paying $60-80 for two xbox ones. :(

Oh, and darios3, i meant multiplayer on one computer, doesnt have to be split-screen :D
You will get what you pay for. The good thing about the Xbox controllers is most game devs these days give support for the game controller on PC games. So when you are told to press R to reload on a keyboard, instead with the Xbox controller it will tell you to press X to reload. If you use some no name brand it may not tell you the button and if it does you need to look it up because it will tell you to press button 8 or what ever to reload . That is the nice thing about Xbox controllers, they are supported fully most of the time
Ohhhhh, i see now. Like in L4d when you change weapons it says press "x". Well i think i will eventually get a controller for my laptop, and is the HD3650 a good video card for like a $520 laptop? I don't need two 295 gtx in sli. Just something to run modern games smoothly.
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