constant reboots i have tried everything!!!!

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I am the third person to have recieved this computer in an attempt to repair it. This truly is the 'DELL FROM H#LL" The owner purchased it about 2 years ago and right from the start it has not worked. He tried getting Dell to replace it but what do you know they jerked him around sending him new parts and tried having an inexperience customer repair a computer over the phone. He then gave it to a coworker of mine and he has tried to fix it but no such luck and now its my turn.

Here is what has all been done to it.

tried 5 different sticks of ram, replace the power supply, switched video cards, removed all unnecesarry hardware (cd-roms, modem....), reinstalled xp home numerous times, installed xp pro numerous times,

The computer constinlty reboots without showing the bsod. I have went into the control panel and shut off automatic reboot but that did nto help. when the computer reboots its does the windows recovery thing and sends a message to microsoft. In the event viewer there is a system error of 1003 and it contains info about a stop error of 7f. i am at a lose here and would really like some help on this.


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Should be a problem with the motherboard or CPU. My guess is the CPU is a dud, and is constantly overheating, causing reboots.


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Sounds like either a heat issue (as above), or PSU problem (not enough power/faulty).

How often does the computer restart? If its completley random, then i would presume a PSU problem, if only when the computer has warmed up, then a heat problem.
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