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My girlfriends internet connection is appauling, and I've been working multiple times trying to fix it. Though it is an ADSL connection, I'd probably say its 256k or 512k, it is ALWAYS (and i mean always, this isn't a brown-out) slow(er) than dial up speed, downloading at around 2-3kb/s, sometimes as rediculous as 100bytes.

Their hardware setup is a bit strange. A plain ADSL router is attached to the phone line, which stores all the internet connection info. Then, a wireless ADSL router connects to the plain ADSL router and sends all the signals to the computers. There are 2 laptops (wirelessly connected, obviously), and one desktop PC, which is connected via ethernet. All systems run the same speed so I've ruled out wireless signal, and I've also done basic diagnostic stuff on the computers to get the most out of the net speed, which hasn't done anything.

I've connected to the wireless router's CP and haven't found any clues to the weak internet speed, but I'm yet to get the login to the plain ADSL router. Before I go ahead though, I was wondering if you guys could mention some possible causes of this slow net connection, as much as I understand there are plenty of possibilities. Is it at all likely that the connection between the plain router and the wireless router is making such a drastic change? If not, what could? The family is moving to a new ISP soon and I don't want to see them disappointed if they still have the same issues.

Thanks a lot.
Rhys Andrews


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right first things first the plain adsl router that has a connection that can go into a pc, either usb or ethernet ?

well if it has first go here with her current setup and then connect the pc to the router without the wireless thing and do it again

post back what results you get both times


well, at my office is a adsl their just shit but not that shit

sorry for the swearing but i must say it, anyway i think ssc is ready to help you, but i think maybe is it port forwarding, google it and get your make of the modem boxq