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Hi all,
I've been looking for a solution to this for the past 2 days and still having no joy.

I'm trying to remotely connect to a Windows 7 Home Premium from a Mac.
Is there still not way to accomplish this without using a third party application?

Would I need to upgrade to a newer version of windows? I like Windows 7 though.

I'm trying to connect over the internet, outside the network so I've setup port forwarding .etc.

I cannot see the remote desktop settings in the system preferences, only the remote assistance settings.

I've read on loads and loads of old forums and articles that you cannot remotely connect to a Windows 7 Home Prem but is this still true as the last person that I've seen write that was in 2012.

Would setting up a VPN work?

I really appreciate any help and advice you can give me as I'm really at a loose end

No, there is no way to Remote Desktop a Windows machine from a Mac without third party software afaik
Microsoft provides this:

Instructions here:

I'm curious, though... why not use a third party application? Typically, those are MUCH simpler to work with and just as (or more) secure.

To connect to your computer a supported edition of Windows is required. Remote Desktop is available on the following editions of Windows:

Note: You can't use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to computers running Starter, Home Basic, or Home Premium editions of Windows.

OP said he hays Home Premium.

@OP: Just use TeamViewer or something similar.
Hi all, thanks for your replies and help

I've used Teamviewer in the past and it can be at times very slow and the reason I'm asking is I need to be actively on another machine and would like minimal lagging, which is why I thought using Remote Desktop Client or VPN might be more responsive as from using them in the past they've always seemed a bit more responsive than Teamviewer. Only problem is I've never had to set them up for myself in the past.

I may upgrade the Windows machine to Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 as I believe Microsoft Remote Desktop works with them versions of Windows and not with Windows 7 Home Prem

Cheers, J
Ah, didn't catch the Home Premium that he mentioned. Yeah, TeamViewer is good. If you're getting lag, it's likely the Internet connection. Trying making the desktop blank on the remote machine. Believe it or not, that make things MUCH less laggy when you're remotely controlling a computer.
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