Connecting to the wrong network?


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First off this is a wired comp onto a linksys router (with wireless currently disabled).

So I have 2 comps on my network and everything was fine both (we were able to share files and what not). My IP was normal vpn ip ex. whatever. So all of a sudden my firewall is telling me I'm connecting to another network which is not only a completely different ip (somewhere around range), but it is also a different subnet mask. I started to wonder why it was doing this and to check I did ipconfig and it was actually on that ip/subnet. I looked at my network places and the folders that use to be on my network are now under "internet" instead.

I did everything I could to get rid of the new network (change ports on my router, released / renewed. Reset everything basically that my skills extend to). So it stop letting me connect to the net if I didn't accept the new network. Of course I'm not that skilled, so kind of got paranoid and scanned for every spyware / virus I could. Nothing came up, however I reformatted anyways (not because of that... was overdue from some other problems).

Anyways after the reformat I looked at my ip, and its back to normal. However the network places still says "internet" instead of "local network", but I seem to be on the network (I can access the router).

Is there something wrong with my NIC or router? Wondering why it would switch me all of a sudden to a completely different network when I'm wired in. And now still kind of worrying me. Hope I didn't have some huge spyware or something, I scan quite a bit for that kind of thing, but I have no idea what else could have caused it. If anyone knows why my comp decided to act this way please let me know.

Also, the other comp was fine this whole time. Just for reference.


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I tried it, but I still seem to be having the same problem. As long as this is safe the way I have it I have no problems really. I'm just hoping that when my ip got changed to the that it wasn't because of some type of spyware / malware.


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165.x.x.x would be a public range class B address if im not mistaken.

public IPs are usually assigned to the routers themselves, for communication between routers.

your computers, if your DHCP is working right should have a private range, usually Class C today

10.x.x.x (

172.16.x.x -> 172.32.x.x (


192.168.x.x (

unusual to ever see public IP on a workstation unless it is an APIPA address (169.254.x.x) which Windows assigns to itself when it cant reach DHCP.

i think it depends on your ISP, the addressing ranges anyway.