Connecting the heatsink to the CPU

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Alright, I know for sure now, im building my own pc

I know how to do everything except, attatching a heatsink to a CPU, so how is it done?

-Is thermal compound required?

-Does the thermal compound act as a glue ?

-If so, how do i know how to attach it right?

and one more question..Should I use a stock heatsink, or spend more money for one of those thermaltank ones?
Will the upgraded heatsink keep the case cooler?


There have been other threads about this, so you can do a search too.

Yes, you'll want thermal compound, preferably Arctic Silver 5. Put just a small dot in the middle and put on your heatsink and twist about 1 degree in each direction and let the heat from the CPU spread it out over time. It is not a glue, just a medium for the heat to go through in the open spaces where the heatsink and the processor do not directly touch.

The extra money put toward a different heatsink is usually a good idea if you're overclocking, but your regular one that came with the processor should be fine for just running at the regular speed.
er... it just touches it? There should be hooks or something that attach to a plastic thing on a motherboard or something like that. The actual heat sink just sits on the CPU, but the clips on the side are what pulls and holds it down.
Ah , i see, Thanks Wayniac, i was just unsure about this, since it will be my first time building a comp, so it's pretty simple eh?
Thanks again
Yeah, you'll want Arctic Silver 5 though. It has small particles of silver in it for better heat transfer. The method I told you about applying it is exactly the way that their site tells you to do it. When you put your dot on, make it a little smaller than the size of a pea. It'll spread enough to cover the actual processor (which is really just a small chip under the metal that you see).
Depends, with some you spread it on your own a little. With Arctic Silver 5, it'll spread by itself. You just apply a little, twist in both directions 1 degree and call it good. The heat will do the rest.
When they first started selling AS5 i remember there site saying to spread it out your self.... Maybe they changed it a litte???
They did... search for the site on tech-forums. Now they want you to just put a dot on because it'll spread to the open parts and the parts touching the CPU will not be interfered with... which is what you want.

However, if you did spread it out, I don't think it'd ruin anything. I spread mine out before I knew I wasn't supposed to, and everything runs fine.
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