Connecting Online streaming servers like doodstream and SBstream with TV box


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Hi there,
is it possible to set up a tvbox that connects to online media servers for streaming video contents? The tv box (seen on Alibaba) will have a default interface that displays list of movies and tv shows which it pulls up from servers like doodstream, sbstream, mixdrop, xtreamcdn etc. and its info from imbd. As for the internet connection, there will be simcard slot on the TV Box, no wifi needed. it will be solely for streaming movies and tv shows. It is not a website but a streaming platform like PLEX and its contents are from online servers mentioned.
I have seen online streaming sites like and a few others that draws its content from these servers.
sorry for my bad English, not my mother tongue.
your thoughts is much appreciated.


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Hey, russ48. It's likely possible but it's better to name the model of your tv box next time, so the users here could suggest you smth detail. As I know, most streaming platforms can be configured to show their content through TV, it shouldn't be a problem. I've recently tried to connect streaming services to my new TV set, and in a couple of clicks and fast configuring I was able to watch movies and series I wanted. But I connected through roombatv and got the iptv trial from this platform. I was afraid of losing the connection too often, but it works pretty well for 2 weeks already.
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