Connecting Cable Boxes to TVs

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Hi :big_smile:

I have a TV hooked up to a Cable Box in my living room.

I have a TV in my bedroom.

I was wondering if there was anyway for me to connect my TV in the bedroom to my Cable box in my living room with the use of a USB, Wiresless connection, any other way besides cables.

Cheers :thumbsup:

Which country do you live in?

One solution is to use a Slingbox in combination with a SlingCatcher: Sling Media Support - Products

In this setup, you'd connect a Slingbox to your set top box in your living room, which would then stream the feed via your home network (wired or wireless) to a Slingcatcher connected to the TV in your bedroom. You'll then be able to watch cable television, just like you were watching it on the TV in your living room. In addition, any computer connected to your network is able to remotely view the cable television feed from the SlingBox, using the SlingPlayer software - watching TV on computer this way, wouldn't not require a SlingCatcher.

It's not a cheap solution, however, but it's very flexible. If you absolutely cannot run cables through your home (from your set top box), then this Slingbox-SlingCatcher solution would make sense, but note that running cables would be the cheaper option that gives you the same result.

If you live in the UK and just want to be able to watch terrestrial / freeview channels in other rooms besides your living room, and have a laptop or computer in your bedroom, the free to use TVCatchup service has over 30 channels to view online.
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