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I work at a summer camp that has Direcway satellite broadband installed in one of the offices in a building. We want to find a way to run the Broadband to another building 300-400 feet away. There is a clean line of sight and there is also a pipe with cables that runs between it. What is the most cost effective way to do this? There is already an old intercom cable that is a 8 wire cable running between the buildings could this be used?


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IÂ’m not sure what modem you have from directway but hopefully it is the DW6000 modem which uses a network cable and Not a USB cable. The problem is that you will most likely want to run something that has the reliability and speed you are looking for as well as the safety factor.

I wouldnÂ’t even try to use the old intercom cable because you donÂ’t know the specs on it. A Cat 5e cable (network cable) has a limitation of 100 meters or 328 feet which may not meet your needs.

I have seen nothing but good things regarding the Belkin F5D8230-4 Wireless Pre-N Broadband Router; it sells for about $150. You will need some wireless adapters for the computers you are hooking up to the router, and they can be the Wireless B or G network adapters and still function properly with the router. You can check the write up here regarding this router. I donÂ’t personally own one but is seems that the range should meet your needs according to other users.


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i have the same analogy from the question pryotaz asked. when i was in college, it has several building with more than 200 meters away. but they can use the same database and filesharing. maybe we can findout from this.

now i'm sharing the connection with my friends' house around 100 feet...using wireless router...
can this method applied in that buildings? by mean in the other building should have another router..... so the problem here is how to connect that two routers..... i'm no experience of this.
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