Confused on what to d/l to update my bios


Hi Guys, I need a little help on what exact files I need to d/l and update my mobo. My bios drivers are listed as 2/7/06. The current ones are 1/7/09 or close to that date. According to this website:

I need to first bkp to version 1788 before 4199. There looks like there are 3 for version 1788 and 4 for version 4199. I want to use Express BIOS Update version. When I d/l the first one it works fine but when I d/l the second one, it says it is the same name of the first one so I am getting confused. Would someone be kind enough to let me know the exact ones on both versions that I need to download/get so I know the correct ones will be used.

I would greatly appreciate any help I get.

thx a lot :)