Confused about SSD


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Although I have been using computers like forever my hardware knowledge is not great. At the same time I have a fairly good idea of where I want to go.
I am having a new machine built just not quite sure by who and when as I am still thinking through the specs, and this is where you folks come in.

More or less decided to use a SSD as I like the idea of the speed and my current system drive uses only 67 gb making it reasonably affordable to use a say 120 gb drive. The reason I use so little on my drive is I am connected to a NAS. Consequently any thing I am working on right now lives on my hard drive and when complete is parked at the NAS for future archiving or use. I also use my drive to record FTA TV shows and then use a simple bat file to cut and paste the recorded files across.

I would have thought I only needed an SSD in my system. However more recently I have been reading up on SSD and I see they generally do not like being written to and then copy and pasted from on a continuous basis. How true is this? Should I seriously consider a registry hack to record direct to the NAS?

I was also wondering about RAM in respect of an SSD. It seems to me the requirement for RAM should be less with an SSD logically speaking. After all RAM is intended to provide information in a quicker manner than a HDD, however with SSD able to provide data in SATA III it would seem the requirement for RAM should be less?

Finally with SSD I have noted the higher specd units claim a higher write speed for uncompressable data. I would think video is uncompressible what other data files meet this criteria?


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Well, as for speed, SSD is the way to go. However you will pay out the nose if you intend to store a lot of files. You didn't go into much detail about your NAS setup. However for video files, you won't notice a large improvement using SSD over regular HDDs. As for Ram, so long as you have 2gb for vista or 7 you'll be just fine. SSD is a good choice for having your operating system on, as it will load crazy fast. However for storage of large video files I'd get a 2nd internal (or external) 500gb hard drive (non-ssd).


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It's true that Ssds have a finite amount of writes in their lifetime. However, the fact is that the number is large enough that a typical User will never encounter the limit.