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Hi everyone, nice to meet you all. Im new to this site so i will have to get used to the forum layouts etc...

Anyhow, to the problem i have:

I have got Zen ADSL Now, they activated me on tuesday but i chose the wires only installation as they wanted £300 for a router!!

Anyhow, i purchased an MRI router as they had no dlink 504's in stock and i needed one. So, i decided to give it a chance.

I have set up my connections and ip addresses/dns servers etc but i cannot load any websites. I just have my trustworthy 56k and i want to use broadband!!

My router tells me their is an adsl connection but i cannot load any pages. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance...
make sure you have set up PPPoE in the router and entered your UN/PW.

Also, make sure you have all the computers on your network configured for DHCP.
Thanks. I have managed to get it working now. Thanks for your help. This is a pretty good site.
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